Underwater macro photography & DIY macro photo round up

“Here are DIY macro framing prongs for underwater photography housing made from heat shaped PVC drain pipe and ss wire. When autofocus fails use manual focus and framing prongs…”


[Via Make]


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Introducing modern home design

Things have been progressing slowly here around the home/office and it is as many people already have said before, it’s a continuous process of improving the surroundings. We bought a lot of interior magazines and did some googling to get inspiration. That is when the idea came to add a new section to the blog that I think could be worthwhile. Ideas enough for improving things around here but the execution is something else 🙂


[Via Veerle Blog]

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Self adhesive wall designs to decorate any non porous surface.


[Via Design Spotter]

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WoW and Cottage Industries

MySpace, eBay, Google, and Amazon are large enough to support a number of cottage industries and services on the Web. I think that Second Life is developing into one (right now it seems to be able to support individuals and consulting firms). With the launch of Shawn Fanning’s Rupture, a YASN (yet-another-social-network) for World Of Warcraft players, I realized that World of Warcraft is there as well (or at least that entrepreneurs want it to be).


[Via O’Reilly Radar]

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You cannot rely on JavaScript being available

I have a question for people who label themselves as JavaScript developers: Have you forgotten about, never heard of, or never cared about the terms progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, and Hijax? If the answer is yes, then please tell me why.


[Via 456 BereaST]

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HOW TO – Make a 3D paper snowflake

Wikihow shows you how to make this great 3D paper snowflake.


[Via Make]

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Extracting DNA kit & DNA projects

Shawn from the Society for Amateur Scientists sent out this deal on DNA kits for SAS members (you can still get them if you’re not a member).


[Via Make]

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